‘We’ve got three songs done,” says Aminal frontman Patrick O’Neill. ‘We leave in like three weeks to go back up to do another three songs. Then back the first of December to finish.”

The nine (and maybe 10) songs he’s alluding to comprise an album tentatively titled Loud It’s You, and tentatively scheduled for release in mid- to late-2010. It’s being recorded, little by little, at Landslide Studio in Asheville.

‘Hopefully we’re going to get our feet wet with touring in the spring,” he says, further explaining the band’s plans. “Somewhere around spring break, we’ll do a week, and hopefully if all things shape up, the record will be done and pressed, and we’ll be working the album in the fall.”

Upon the release of Aminal’s two summer EPs, A Will To Fight and A Face To Fight (the former of which was released digitally by UNC-based Vinyl RecordsVR Presents blog), the local college media, says O’Neill, has been fortuitously supportive of Aminal. (Both albums also received our own Album of the Month treatment in May.) And now that drummer Cam Weeks has more time to devote to Aminal, thanks to his recent split from Black Skies, the opportunity for the band to capitalize on its momentum is there.

But the new recordings might sound a little different without keyboardist Mark Reidy, who left Aminal at the end of September and whom the band is seeking to replace. Meanwhile, O’Neill’s other band, The Honored Guests, is also (finally) preparing to release its delayed third album.

Aminal plays The Pinhook Saturday, Oct. 10, at 10 p.m. with Tin Star.