Seasonal favorites: Southern Culture on the Skids

Originally released in 1992 with four songs on Zontar Records, and then again in its current six-track form on Estrus in 1996, South Culture on the Skids’ Santo Swings EP lives on in tribute to the Mexican wrestling icon and movie star. It recently went out of print, so SCOTS rescued it with this digital release, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

On it, the trio’s signature rockabilly is given a vibrant mariachi flair. There are a couple of instrumentals, highlighted by the four-minute “Meximelt,” with its low-riding surf/ spy flavor, the racing party-starting Santo ode, “Viva Del Santo!” and the original version of their hit, “Camel Walk,” which feels right at home amidst these playful tunes. The two covers from the Estrus release—The Swinging Medallions’ “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love” and Slim Harpo’s “Baby Scratch My Back”—are also reprised here, with Spanish vocals from El Mysterioso. They’re an unexpected treat.

As if that weren’t enough, the band’s giving away a free bonus track on their site. It’s the Link Wray-inspired “La Marcha de los Cabrónes,” or “March of the Goat People.” They’re holding a contest whose winner will receive three Mexican wrestling masks when the contest concludes July 4.