If you’re getting your Triangle music news from Raleigh Downtowner, who reviewed the Dynamite Brothers‘ rockin lil’ debut last November, or five years after its release (Hey man, those Hendrix comparisons have to sit a minute…), the second record from the Chapel Hill boys may not seem long overdue. But it’s been 2003 since the band gave us new material, and via the new Breakfast in Bed…with the Dynamite Brothers, it seems that they’ve taken their time to make it right, at least. Recorded in pieces by Hobex’s Greg Humphreys, The Old Ceremony’s Mark Simonsen and Dynamite bassist Shane Hartman, the 13-track affair features a small army of guests with the trio, from Humphreys and Taz Halloween to Hercules Europe Brass and emcee Juan Huevos (!). An early mix of one track, “In Time,” recently played over the closing credits of the first episode of HBO’s Eastbound and Down. “Neighborhood Pharmacist” and instrumental “Metered” also made the show recently.

“We wanted to create an album that tried to capture the way we play together live while at the same time exploring our deep affinity for classic soul, R & B, funk and rock. I would like to think we were looking hard at Funkadelic, the Upsetters, Marvin Gaye, Dr. John and the Chambers Brothers for some signs during the making of this album,” says drummer and singer Scott Nurkin, who’s also been busy behind the kit for Birds of Avalon. “The album tells somewhat of a story from beginning to end. A lot of these songs are based on things that actually happened on tour and characters we met along the way.”

The not-yet-mastered record has no firm release date or label, but it does have a tracklist.

Breakfast in Bed…with the Dynamite Brothers

1. Back at the Shack

2. Can’t Stop

3. Neighborhood Pharmacist

4. In Time

5. She Never Mentioned You

6. Sherrilyn

7. The Shakes

8. Happy Hour

9. Yer Fine

10. Outtagetcha

11. Monday 6:58AM

12. In the Morning

13. Purple Neon Pink Champagne