This morning, a friend passed over her invitation to join Moogfest’s “Digital Street Team,” an online militia ostensibly meant to stoke Internet interest in the festival, which comes to Durham for the first time in mid-May. Essentially, street teamers are required to complete a series of pre-assigned online tasks—liking or sharing content from Moogfest or Moogfest-related artists, for example—in order to compete for prizes. They’re graded every two weeks.

The rub, at least according to the potential street teamer who sent over the notice? No one’s yet to mention what the prizes actually include. Tickets? A synthesizer? Self-satisfction? Girl Scout cookies?

Anyway, the unedited email invitation—an insightful and hilarious little glimpse into promotion and shaping a hive mind—is below.

Hey guys!

Thanks for your interest in helping to spread the word about Moogfest 2016. As a Digital Street Team member, your tasks will be tracked every 2 weeks and rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis.

The February obligations will be:
To share Moogfest content on bi-weekly basis. (will be provided in your first email this Sunday)
Like 3-5 Moogfest posts per day via Instagram and/or Facebook (can be older posts as well).
Write at least 4 comments per month on Moogfest posts, or engage in some sort of online conversation about the festival. ( comments will be based from bi-weekly assignment and themes but here is an example: I want/excited to see Gary Numan because… ). Usage of hashtags will be provided.
Is a Moogfest 2016 performing artist playing in your city? Let us know! We may be able to arrange a ticket for you to attend and do social media coverage. (valid till May 18th 2016)
The specific tasks assigned are subject to change from month to month but those listed above, in addition to optional attendance of monthly meet ups, should provide a good idea of the time commitment involved.

By 11:59 PM on Thursday 4th, please let me know if this is something you can devote the necessary time and effort toward. Once we’ve confirmed everyone’s interest, we’ll get our first street team meet up (optional for digital street team) scheduled for this weekend. For those who have not provide a telephone number, location, Facebook, Instagram account, please do so by Thursday night. Your efforts will be rewarded based on your contributions and enthusiasm.

If you won`t be able to make it out to our local events be on the look out for our biweekly e-mails and updates from Moogfest for unique content and challenges to share on your social media platforms.

Please let us know if you have any question !