A few weeks ago, I ran across a picture of long-time Chapel Hill emcee KAZE and HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg sitting down in what looked like some sort of closed business meeting with another rapper guy named Knonam. It turns out that the little sit-down was one of the final meetings in the SRC/Loud.com $100,000 rapper challenge, in which KAZE and Philadelphia emcee LF Daze split the winnings. Along with the dough, Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records rewarded both emcees with contracts. Maybe that explains KAZE’s ostensible absence on the Triangle hip-hop circuit of late.

Kaze wins it.
Kaze, left, wins it.

As a consistent supporter of KAZE’s dozen-year rap hustle and career here in the Triangle, the Independent Weekly would like to offer KAZE a huge congratulations. It’s about time.