At the end of 2017, singer-songwriter Anne-Claire Niver—better known as just Anne-Claire—ran a month-long Kickstarter campaign, raising money to fund the production of her second full-length album.

She exceeded her $15,000 goal and set off to record the nine songs on her new album, I Still Look For You, which comes out next weekend. Today, you can listen to “Behind Me,” a punchy number that celebrates leaving doubts behind.

“I don’t cry quite as much like I did,” Anne-Claire sings in the beginning of “Behind Me.” “Don’t get high quite as much like I did, I did go on.”

Mixing a relaxed, classic-rock sensibility with disco-adjacent rhythms, Anne-Claire delivers a song that’s simultaneously dancey and down-to-earth, vulnerable and rock ‘n’ roll. The song crescendos to a soulful, emotional explosion where Niver proclaims, “I stand alone, my doubts beyond me.”

Anne-Claire celebrates the release of I Still Look for You with a release show at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room in Carrboro next Saturday, August 4. Peter Holsapple and Chessa Rich also perform, and tickets are available here.

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