MC Chris [N.C. Comedy Arts Festival]

Cat’s Cradle

Saturday, Feb. 21

During his performance of ‘Hoodie Ninja” Saturday night, MC Chris commanded the gathered masses to do The Twist. When people on the sides of Cat’s Cradle failed to comply, he called them ’30 year olds” and berated them, saying, ‘Twist in your chairs, you paraplegic bitches!”

The crowd Twisted.

And with every mind-numbingly fast lyric, some of them sang along, swayed and clapped with little encouragement, or displayed their ‘rap hands” in a salute to their leader. In return, MC Chris ripped energy from his compact frame, bantered between songs, and stayed after the show until everyone who wanted to talk had their turn. During the frenetic, hour-plus set that closed the N.C. Comedy Arts Festival, hip-hop blended with frenetic new wave and electronic dance music. MC Chris proved his nerd street cred and connected with the audience, talking about how distracting he finds the video game Fable II: ‘I want to kill dragons, not fuck my wife. How many of you have already said that today?”

MC Chris premiered ‘IG-88’s 57 Chevy,” about the Star Wars assassin droid. Before starting, he apologized that fans could not sing-a-long, as they had with ‘Fett’s Vette” (about Boba Fett). The song will be featured on his five-part album being released in 2009, ironically titled, Part Six. Part One comes out in March, and each installment will feature a song about, uh, a bounty hunter? Funny night.