Snoop Dog

Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh

Wednesday, May 13

If you’re not puffing ganja or drunk-fingerbanging someone in the crowd (which, honest Eric, happened last night), there’s really no other way to enjoy yourself at a Snoop Dogg show, right?

Actually, the few hundred Snoop Dogg fans who showed up for his Lincoln Theatre show Wednesday would likely disagree. The only thing anyone might have had a problem with last night was Snoop’s band, whoeven though they added a nasty, homegrown element to Snoop’s setseemed a little far-reaching for a show that could have been more effective with someone like Battlecat DJing in the background.

Few other bad notes here, though, especially when “Sensual Seduction” wrapped it (about the time of that aforementioned incident involving hands and stuff) and Snoop’s Auto-Tuned, gangsta falsetto got the room rockin’. The only people who weren’t swaying were Snoop’s mean-muggin’ bodyguards, who flanked the front of both sides of the stage. They sported spiffy suits and looked intimidating for sure, but really: Who’s gonna try and kill Snoop? He’s the coolest guy in the universe.

The only mildly threatening things in the building were the hordes of females trying to get backstage to the lovable dude’s tour bus. With Snoop’s entourage in towit included his L.A. confidantes and long-time collaborators, Daz and Kurupt (Dogg Pound)I’m sure those groupies were well attended.

Insert your best finger pun here.