Willie Nelson & Asleep at the Wheel

Durham Performing Arts Center

Friday, Feb. 20

Row I, Seats 307 and 309

Drunk man wearing boat shoes with no socks: [to leather-clad faux Harley chick sitting two seats from him.] Your hair is so black! What’s your ethnicity?

Faux Harley chick: Ethnicity? I don’t know … Southern?

[5 minutes later.]

Row I, Seats 309 and 310

Still-puzzled faux Harley chick: [to middle-aged woman next to her] Ethnicity? I’m from Fuquay!

[40 minutes later.]

Row I, Seat 307 and Row J, Seat 308: The very drunk man wearing boat shoes with no socks, there with his displeased male partner, leans over his seat and gets close to a washed-up biker dude behind him. Washed-up biker dude looks stunned. He pulls a blue bandana from his pocket, wipes his face, and pretends to puke in the kerchief

Hooray, DPAC!