Saturday, May 26
The Artscenter, Carrboro
8 p.m., $15,

It’s hard to make an elevator pitch for Mary Lattimore, a North Carolina-raised musician who now calls Los Angeles home. She plays the harp, but her music is unlike anything you might usually associate with the instrument, which she processes through effects pedals to sublime and otherworldly ends. Lattimore wrote most of her new record, Hundreds of Days, at a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in California’s Marin Headlands, but her music has always felt like it’s free from any earthly bounds. It drifts along in gentle, reverberating waves, and the effect is as close as one can get to weightlessness without leaving the ground. One title in particular, “Hello From the Edge of the Earth,” neatly describes all of Lattimore’s breathtaking songs. Al Riggs opens.