Moogfest and Art of Cool Festival have had a patchy past, marred early this year by the City of Durham prioritizing funding for the tech-heavy, Asheville-based Moogfest over the Durham-grown Art of Cool Festival. While Art of Cool eventually got more money, it seemed as though the city was putting Moogfest’s promise of out-of-town over the grassroots, community-focused Art of Cool.

This checkered episode seems behind them, though, as evidenced by the festivals’ latest partnership in selling DURM Flex Passes for $249. The pass allows patrons to attend both festivals for one price: Art of Cool from April 28 to 30, and Moogfest from May 18 to 21.

Tickets will be available in limited quantities until December 5. Last year’s weekend past for Moogfest also ran for $249—for the same price, you can get a lot of musical bang for your buck.

While Moogfest centers around music and technology’s union, Art of Cool preserves jazz, hip-hop, funk, and soul. From music-adoring techies to the lovers of jazz’s offspring, both festivals seek to support diverse communities within Durham.

And though Moogfest likely won’t announce its lineup for a few more weeks, Art of Cool has announced Revive Big Band, Rakim, and the legendary George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic as headliners for its 2017 festival. You can view the full lineup here.