By most accounts, Moogfest’s debut in downtown Durham last month was a success: The people partied. The press raved. And the festival announced its dates for next year’s before this year’s festivities had even ended.

Between now and then, though, Moogfest will need to do some restructuring, as director Marisa Brickman—a North Carolina expatriate who returned to the state to take the job—announced her resignation late this afternoon.

Brickman confirmed the news to the INDY but would not elaborate on the decision, saying that the news was still too recent for much discussion. Officials with Moogfest did not respond to immediate request for comment.

A week ahead of the festival, Brickman did agree that the role did require more work than she originally anticipated and that had been a taxing adventure. “I was looking at my job description, and I thought, ‘Wow, how is all this humanly possible for one person?’” she told the INDY. “It’s five people’s jobs. You don’t realize the full scope of something until you’re in it. There’s not exactly a blueprint to do what it is we’re trying to do.”