Early Friday afternoon, a map of Moogfest’s proposed footprint for the festival’s inaugural iteration in downtown Durham in May began to circulate through social media. That map, sourced from The Herald-Sun reporter Lauren Horsch, enumerated twenty-two venues for the event, with some strange surprises, including the barbecue restaurant The Pit, the erstwhile clothing boutique Dear Hearts, and the bar Surf Club.

But Moogfest director Marisa Brickman says that map, which was submitted to city council a month ago, is not accurate. Some of those venues won’t be used for public Moogfest events, and some won’t be used at all. (The offer simply didn’t make financial sense for the owners of the former Dear Hearts space, I’m told.) The Pit remains, but many of the rooms around Durham Central Park appear to be off the grid for good. The most current version of the map is below.

Two months out from the festival’s arrival, though, Brickman says that this map is bound to change again. Moogfest will announce more locations and the complete festival schedule in April, she says. Some of these locations—American Tobacco Campus and the Durham Arts Council, it seems safe to assume—include more than one venue.

Given the map, there do seem to be some strange rooms in use here, and the early question of “Does Durham have enough spaces to support Moogfest?” seems to be something that will have to play out on the ground in May. (As it stands, only three dedicated music venues are now on the books.) And if you’re not eager to spend much money on a first-year ticket, it seems as if you’ll be able to hear a lot just by sticking around outside.

More on the Moogfest map as organizers … organize it!