It’s fitting that the man who released a record called Year of the Gentleman would stump for Hilary Clinton over a candidate who is definitely not a gentleman. To get his point across—and to help get out the vote—Ne-Yo will throw a free concert in Raleigh at The Ritz Tuesday night.

You can nab tickets by signing up online here, and you can pick them up at either the McKimmon Conference and Training Center or the John Chavis Memorial Park baseball field on N.C. State’s campus.

Ne-Yo’s “Love Trumps Hate” Get Out the Vote performance is part of a series of Clinton-rallying events in North Carolina this week. The candidate has also brought former President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden to this pivotal swing state this week. If you haven’t already voted early, you can consider this show your motivation; if you have, enjoy it as a reward.