For women and nonbinary people, the past few weeks of public revelations and oustings of various male creeps, harassers, and abusers in positions of power have been a strange situation to witness. It’s-about-damn-time joy can get dampened by the pain of hearing so many survivors’ stories; everything feels exhausting.

Thank goodness, then, for Fitness Womxn, whose new debut full-length record sizes up patriarchal entitlement and rips it to shreds. Macho City couldn’t possibly come at a better time, and you can listen to it all right now.

The scrappy, punchy record splits the difference between righteously roaring catharsis (“Instructions,” “Creatures”) and cutting sarcasm (“Living Hell,” “Fit Bit.02”).

And I’ll say it now: “Tastemaker,” an unrelenting takedown of the unique bullshit baggage of male music nerds, is an unapologetic contender for one of the best songs to come out of the Triangle this year.

The band rightfully celebrates Macho City Saturday night in Chapel Hill, with Chucha, de_Plata, and Sister, Brother. You can listen to the record in full below.