Old-timey music has charms, but old computers do not. Few organizations know that better than PineCone, the Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, currently in the running for a technology makeover from Southeastern communications agency, Milner, Inc.

The prize, one of two $35,000 transformations, could provide an important boost for an organization that pours most of its budget toward programming and is now dealing with the added resource burden of each September’s IBMA throwdown in Raleigh. With money going to talent, facilities and marketing costs, the three full-time staffers are left in a less-than-ideal computing situation. “We try to put as much funding as we can into our programs, so anything that helps us from an infrastructure point of view is really valuable,” says Jamie Katz, Pinecone’s communications and programs manager.

Currently, the fulltime staff of three shares two phone lines with a voicemail system that’s best described as moderately functional—a big problem on busy ticket days. Then there’s the matter of their computers, which are “limping along,” says Katz, and a complete lack of an off-site backup system.

“Especially in this day and age, where technology is more and more important in getting the stories out there about the work the organization is doing,” continues Katz, “it’s really valuable to have something to support the infrastructure like that.”

To advance to a final round of voting, PineCone has to win out over 39 other non-profits. Those non-profits include area organizations such as Carolina Ballet, The Raleigh Ringer and The Philharmonic Association. Fans are allowed to vote once per 24 hours, per IP address. The top three will participate in a final contest. Round one closes Sunday, Jan. 26. PineCone is currently in fourth place, with around 20,000 votes already cast. Get to voting!