Why do these things always come in threes? Not only have Chapel Hill’s The Cave and this very paper announced new owners this week, but another long-standing Triangle institution has also been sold. Eric Mullen, The Pour House‘s original owner, has entered into an even partnership with new owner Adam Lindstaedt. Mullen will slowly phase out of the business until the The Pour House is entirely Lindstaedt’s.

“We haven’t really told a lot of people outside our circle,” says Mullen of the deal, which was finalized earlier this month. He hadn’t even considered selling the room, he says. “It didn’t even cross my mind until my mom mentioned it, one Sunday at lunch, that she knew someone who was looking to buy a venue.” He met Lindstaedt, and the two clicked.

“I was put in touch with Eric at the beginning of June,” says Lindstaedt. “We signed the papers beginning of August.”

Before moving to the Triangle in 2009, Lindstaedt booked music in San Diego and Chicago. He’s wanted to open a venue in the Triangle for much of his time here and says he has had several potential rooms fall through, sometimes after months of work.

The Pour House is also hiring “Uncle John” Moyer of Hillsborough Street’s jam band-friendly Shakedown Street, which Moyer will close Wednesday. As The Pour House’s assistant talent buyer and ambassador of goodwill (that’s one hell of a job title), he aims to bring Shakedown’s vibe, bands and regulars to The Pour House. He says his room has outgrown its 80-person capacity and that many of his bands are ready for the larger stage.

Check Wednesday’s Indy for more on The Pour House, The Cave, Shakedown Street, and, um, any other venue that gets sold or closes between now and press time.