The last time 9th Wonder played with an R. Kelly sample, he landed a song, “Threat,” on Jay-Z’s The Black Album. This time, over the R. Kelly and Public Announcement track “Honey Love,” we get the same chopped-up formula, but with Jamla Records queen-b-girl, Rapsody, doing the rhyming honors. “Right Now” doesn’t necessarily showcase Rapsody “Castor Troy-ing” anyone, but she stalks around on this song like she’s planning something unforgettable. Maybe she’s just warming up before the release of her Kobe Bryant-inspired EP, The Black Mamba, which will be released today, Feb. 24—that is, unless Jeremy Lin vetoes it.

Even if he does, we’ll take Rapsody’s face over Kobe’s any day. We’re a college basketball state and the Charlotte Bobcats are 4-27. We could care less about the pros. We’ll spread Rapsody’s Raleigh honey-love around until a honey badger tries to stop us.