Durham rapper The Real Laww released the video for the new single “Right Now,” from his yet-to-be-released debut LP Accidental Masterpiece, late last week. The video is directed by Johnny J. Jones of Zoë Pictures and Roman Gabriel of Moonman Pictures and follows The Real Laww’s black-and-white daydreaming sequence at Durham Central Park as he battles the line of Durham’s Cocoa Cinnamon.

You may notice several Bull City musicians—Defacto Thezpian, Anonymous Jones, Mballa and The Real Laww’s longtime music and business partner, Professor Toon—making cameos. Vocalist Mailande Moran, who also appears here, is responsible for some of the song’s background vocals, which complement The Real Laww’s sermon-style melodic rapping. Eventually, back inside the coffee shop, The Real Laww snaps back into reality and orders the “Lawwchiato,” an espresso poured over dark chocolate that you can actually order right now, in real life, on your next coffee grab at Cocoa Cinnamon.

YouTube video