Even with the recent good news that Pat McCrory has agreed to leave the Governor’s Mansion voluntarily, the discriminatory HB 2 law that he and his cronies passed in secret continues to inflict damage on the state.

Yesterday afternoon, Carolina Performing Arts announced that the San Francisco Symphony had notified the institution that it was canceling its two April performances at UNC-Chapel Hill due to North Carolina’s pernicious legislation. The wave of cancellations by performers like Bruce Springsteen, not to mention corporate entities pulling of plans to establish a presence the Tar Heel State, has abated since HB 2 became law in the spring, but the issue remains divisive and clearly isn’t going away.

“In the months after HB 2 became law, we have closely watched the fluctuating political landscape in hopes that the law would be overturned,” reads the symphony’s statement. “Because that has not happened yet, and due to pressing internal travel deadlines, the San Francisco Symphony has made the decision to cancel its concerts at this time.”

The statement emphasized that the symphony’s decision was based on a desire to not contribute to the state economically because of the law, but that its long-time partnership with UNC-Chapel Hill remained strong.

If you had already purchased tickets for the performances, you’ll receive credit for tickets to another concert in the 2016-2017 season. For more on that, call CPA ticket services at 919-843-3333.