After a hibernation of nearly five years, Durham’s Organos is, at last, back with a new song, a quick little number that you can listen to right here. It’s side the A-side of a forthcoming split with Faults, the the current project of Gross Ghost‘s Mike Dillon, who relocated to New York from Durham last year.

Organos’ “Please Hold,” is a sharp, biting tune about a friendship falling apart, and it’s the band’s most polished track by far. Faults, meanwhile, offers low-key bummer lyrics behind fuzzy guitars and an upbeat rhythm. The songs share a rough-around-the-edges charm, and they make for wonderful complements to each other.

The songs will be available on a limited run of seven-inch records—Wes Wolfe only cut fifty. You can grab it on April 20, and in the meantime, stream the songs below.