One especially satisfying element of Bombadil’s recent efforts with a slimmer lineup has been the emergence of drummer James Phillips as a real creative force. He’s previously shown himself to be a savvy producer and adventurous electronic musician, but with the departure of Stuart Robinson earlier this year, his talents have been thrown into even sharper relief.

To fulfill a fundraising commitment, Phillips and remaining full-time member Daniel Michalak cut a quick duo EP called Still Bombadil shortly after Robinson parted. Those tight electro-pop tunes are brisk and charming, recasting Bombadil’s innate appeal without damaging it.The same applies to two remixes of “Amy’s Friend” (used in Amy Schumer’s new Trainwreck) and “Love is Simply,” released yesterday as a thank-you to the band’s fans for sticking with them. Working under his Sumner James moniker, Phillips reworks the stately pop tunes from this year’s Hold On LP, importing crackling beats and supple synths, changing the feel without forsaking the understated grandeur that made them great in the first place.

The remixes will be available on Bandcamp for a few weeks, and then they will move to all of the standard streaming sites. Check them out below.