My band Bombadil has spent the last week and a half in the Monroe, N.C. studio of analog guru Scott Solter, recording the follow up to our first LP, A Buzz, A Buzz. We’re recording fourteen songs for the new album, which should be out in the early summer on Ramseur Records. While living and working in the studio, I have learned a number of important things.

1. Internet flash games are really addictive and very distracting and should generally be avoided.

2. Analog recordings sound way better than digital recordings.

3. Daniel Hart is really awesome at the violin,and a nice guy to boot.

4. Singing is really hard.

5. Scott Solter’s cat Trixy is the coolest pet I have ever met.

6. Naming a record is really hard.

7. Bathtubs make really great lawn art.

8. All-inclusive coffee machines (the ones that will grind your coffee beans and brew it all together in one fancy machine) really don’t work very well.

9. Josh Starmer is an expert cellist and knows a good milk shake when he sees one.

10. Mixing bowls have amazing percussive capabilities.

–James Phillips, Monroe, N.C.

[Grayson Currin on Bombadil for the Independent Weekly]