FrequeNC Records‘ name clearly states their allegiance to two things: electronic music and the North Cack. In the last few months, the vinyl-only Chapel Hill label’s profile has risen domestically and internationally, busting its rep well beyond state lines. Just a few days

ago, legendary Dutch dance music label Clone heaped praise on the label by including it in its highly regarded staff favorites top ten list. In fact, FrequeNC claimed four of the ten spots.

FrequeNC has been trying to sell records overseas for a while, but the process can be cost-prohibitive for the seller. Label owner Charlie Hearon may be turning a corner now, however: The records appearing in Clone’s listDurham techno artist Datahata’s full length Itinerant Craft; Augusta, Georgia space-funk outfit Bass Invadurrz’s Invasion and their electro/hip-hop alter egos Jjak Hogan with Masters; and Rhythm Based Lovers, an alias of former member of Ghostly International’s Manhunter Jason Letkiewicz has Basic Rhythms in a Chicago house vein, respectivelyhave all sold out in Clone’s inventory, though they’re certainly not gone.

It’s a true test of electronic music to be distributed and repped by Clone. The label’s own roster reads as a heroes list: Adult., Bangkok Impact, I-f, Drexciya, Legowelt, just to name a few. Clone Records established itself 15 years ago in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by issuing records by the best techno and electro artists around. The label eventually turned to creating separate imprints for reissues, and its Clone Classics and Frustrated Funk imprints stand as repositories of underground acid house and weird dance records from the ’80s onward. Clone directly connects Detroit Techno with an European hunger for more.

For FrequeNC, all of thisbeing embraced by the most voracious, and scrutinizing, electronic music community on the planetis a major showing.