What a time to be alive when we have the luxury of listening to a podcast of music critics arguing about who made trap music “album-worthy”—T.I., Travis Scott, Post Malone, or Future? Hell, while we’re at it, we might as well expand the conversation to even more ridiculous lengths by asking the more pressing question: Who deemed trap music “karaoke worthy?”

The quick answer may be easily found in this brilliant 2¢ Pt. II mixtape. The DJ duo of Craze and Four Color Zack strike back at the “comically saturated market” of today’s DJ culture, which, among other offenses, has diminished trap music into an enabler for elementary events like an upcoming Trap-A-Long karaoke event at Raleigh’s The Pour House. “Patrons come live out their dreams,” the event boasts, “of performing classic trap songs collected over the years.”

Sorry, but the last thing I need right now is a room full of Raleigh bros and wannabe rappers all waiting their turn to mangle Young Thug lyrics any more than he already does. On the other hand, a trap karaoke event like this may present an opportunity to reach the hilarity of all of those #TrapCovers of pop songs that people have been posting on Twitter.

Does this finally signal the end of a fad? Is a karaoke song list a place where great songs like “New Level” go to die? There’s only one way to find out. Trap-A-Long happens Sunday, April 3, at The Pour House at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10–$15. For karaoke.