Chapel Hill’s Trekky Records is known as much for being a mutual admiration society as it is a proper business entity. For the first time in its history, the Trekky crew is assembling and releasing a mixtape to showcase their history. The compilation, Amalgam, will showcase tunes from the many acts they’ve nurtured through creation and supported in production.

The tracklist is a grab-bag of singles from throughout its more than 10-year history, including two tracks from the upcoming Lost in the Trees and Midtown Dickens records and one unreleased song from the apparently no-longer-on-indefinite-hiatus Vibrant Green.

To celebrate the March 6 release, label owners Will Hackney and Martin Anderson have put together a show March 2 at the Nightlight. Butterflies, Phil Cook & His Feat, Vibrant Green and DJ Steph Russ will be there to ring in the occasion as well as a special set from a surprise guest band.

As for who that guest might be, the Trekky boys just wouldn’t say. So, either we all gang together and storm the Trekky homebase demanding to know, OR we take it on faith that Hackney and Martin have booked someone swell. Given that they’ve proved trustworthy to deliver record after record of creatively curated local jams, this may be an occasion to choose peace over pillaging. Oh, the patience of diplomacy.