American Aquarium
Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh
Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27 2018

It was the fourth year of American Aquarium’s Roadtrip to Raleigh, the annual gathering of the group’s considerable fandom descending upon the band’s home town. Many things about the weekend have remained the same year over year: two sold-out nights at the Lincoln Theatre, confused patrons cramming into Slim’s for a Saturday afternoon acoustic matinee, new songs debuted.

Since the major changes in the band lineup last year, this year’s Roadtrip to Raleigh was the first time many in the crowd would hear the same songs they’ve come to know and love played by an entirely new band supporting frontman BJ Barham. Over both nights, it was clear that the band is no longer about the people on stage but about the songs themselves. Tunes that once felt synonymous with specific band members, like former bassist Bill Corbin and “Lonely Ain’t Easy,” have now taken on a new life.

Regardless, the new songs Barham debuted seemed more introspective and the songwriter was not afraid to take the blame for some of the transition over the past year. In fact he wrote the ode, “When We Were Younger Men” to his former bandmates hoping they will look back fondly on their time together, growing as both musicians and people.

Below are four new songs off the upcoming American Aquarium set for release later this year.

American Aquarium, “When We Were Younger Men”

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