Saturday night at the Casbah brought about the continuation of the venue’s series of songwriters circle shows, with performances by Jason Kutchma, Chip Robinson, Kevin Abernathy and Mic Harrison. Below are three clips from songs played by Robinson, including two oft-overlooked ballads (“Psychic Friend” and “Two Candles”) from the Backsliders’ 1999 album, Southern Lines.

Robinson frequently digs into his back catalog from that era, but it’s fairly rare to hear those numbers performed to a quiet and respectful room. The environment created at these types of events at the Casbah allows for songs of all decibel levels to flourish in front of a welcoming audience. It’s also intriguing to watch the depth and soul with which Robinson performs these older songs—and to wonder what new material he might have still to come.

“Psychic Friend”:

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