Though he once led the more pop-leaning Butterflies, Carrboro’s Josh Kimbrough is taking his songs in a new direction as Teardrop Canyon. His first new track, titled “Let It Rest,” is a catchy, crunchy tune that’s got a bit of a bite to it.

A tight, chugging rhythm section powers “Let It Rest,” with a few surfy guitar parts lending additional intrigue. But for all the song’s directness, the video is a dizzying, dim journey that follows Kimbrough winding through a house.

Colorful lights flash and fade, combining with blurring effects and the camera’s natural movement to a swimmy, interesting end.There’s an eerie moment, too, when animated red eyes float and tremble in the darkness before Kimbrough reappears.

You can check out the whole video below, and download the track via iTunes.

YouTube video