Cat’s Cradle Back Room
Friday, Nov. 21, 2014

By the end of Friday night, two openers—Carrboro’s Josh Moore and Dad&Dad—had joined their main man Derek Torres on the Cat’s Cradle Back Room’s stage to form a T0W3RS super group. With a full band around him, the ball of energy that is Torres was confined to a small patch of the stage. Still, he did what he does best: entertain.

Engaging the crowd with Bowie- and Jagger-like enthusiasm, he was erratic at times, but that only better reflected the melodies Torres crafted for his latest LP, TL;DR. The set lasted just about an hour, and the packed crowd in the Cat’s Cradle Back Room carried on to the next night in Raleigh, as Torres and T0W3RS sold out Kings, too.

Below are clips from the Carrboro performance.

TOW3RS, “The Situation”