Lost in the Trees packed the Haw River Ballroom Dec. 12, 2014, for what was announced as a farewell performance. The group worked through selections from all of their four full-length releases. While the mood was somber, the group also had much to celebrate—a full house hanging on every song, for instance, and many former members in attendance.

Over the years, the INDY has written many pieces on the group. We welcome you to revisit them as well as enjoy the full concert below. This is a farewell, at least for now.

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Set List:

Wooden Walls Of This Forest Church – 00:25

An Artist’s Song – 03:38

Lady In White – 09:16

Past Life – 13:22

Walk Around The Lake – 19:51

Tall Trees – 24:07

Song For The Painter – 29:39

Red – 34:16

Neither Here Nor There – 44:00

Daunting Friend – 51:29

Rites – 54:51

Night Walking – 58:37

Upstairs – 01:05:49

Wake – 01:09:14

This Dead Bird Is Beautiful – 01:14:27

Garden – 01:20:22

Time Taunts Me/Time. It Will Not Erase Me – 01:27:44

Fireplace – 01:36:02

encore – 01:39:43

All Alone In This House – 01:41:18

Golden Eyelids – 01:48:36

A Room Where Your Painting Hangs – 01:54:49