The visuals for Skylar Gudasz‘s new video for “I’ll Be Your Man,” from her gorgeous new Oleander, make a dazzling visual accompaniment to her aqueous voice: the brilliant, sun-filtered water of a swimming pool, her blood red dress, orbs of crystalline bubbles. It’s an immediately pretty song, but isn’t just a simple devotional. The video premiered via Brooklyn Vegan today, and was directed by Gudasz’s younger brother, Jason Gudasz.

In each of the videos she’s released in support of Oleander, Gudasz has been conspicuously, even abjectly alone, wandering through surf on a deserted beach in “I Want to Be with You in Darkness” and gazing resignedly into the camera in “I’m So Happy I Could Die.” But here, she’s joined by a fellow snappy-dressed swimmer. Things get even more interesting when Gudasz pulls out a knife, but the resolution isn’t what you think. Watch the video below.

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