In mid-March, a mere week before the passage of House Bill 2 prompted bands to start canceling their plans to play North Carolina, Raleigh welcomed two very special musical guests from out-of-the-way locales. The Snails, from a shoebox, headlined Kings on a Friday night. For openers, they invited the special human guests of The Dinwiddies—of a mysterious, delightfully marijuana-enshrouded town called Dinwiddie—to open with some songs about weed and life, man.

We invited The Dinwiddies to return to Raleigh and record a secret session in Neptunes, the basement of Kings, in anticipation of the arrival of 4/20. In spite of the weed-induced haze of their lifestyle and their general inability for advanced planning, The Dinwiddes agreed to this request, regaling us with such supreme bong hits as “Weed Is All I Need,” “Strong Weed,” “Go in The Woods,” and “Weed Dreams.”

Enjoy the jams. Enjoy the nugs. And remember, on this and every other day, weed laws and convictions are bad jokes that need to end.

Thanks to Walt Lilly and Gabe Nelson for help filming.

Ladies and gentlemen, indicas and sativas, The Dinwiddies:

The Dinwiddies, “Weed Is All I Need”

YouTube video