Last year, when all of a sudden a new music video appeared on the internet starring Yahzarah as a hypersexualized, voodoo-love neuromancer, a lot of us were taken off guard. We’d never seen anything from her that was as fleshy and decadent. Throughout the video, Yahzarah contorted and winded her delicately chiseled and oftentimes barely clothed ebony frame to dub-scented fourplay while taking swigs from a bottle of what we’ll just assume was Cachaca. (at least I wish). That video, for YahZarah’s Apple Juice Kid-produced ‘The Tickler” (Daddy go Faster) surfaced out of nowhere, but it’s soft-porn sultriness predisposed us all to thinking we’d be getting splashed by intimacy on each tune from Yahzarah’s upcoming The Ballad of Purple St. James, scheduled to drop May 4th. This isn’t the case, with this single ‘Why Dontcha Call Me No More”, marking her official coming-out party on the Foreign Exchange Music label. This isn’t the same sweet YahZarah who on The Foreign Exchange’s Leave It All Behind LP told her ex-boyfriend that if his present girlfriend breaks his heart, then she’d personally send a robin to sing happy tunes to him. No, this is the scornful, bad-ass YahZarah, who’s goes as far as to wish ill-will on some guy’s unborn daughter. ‘I hope you have a little girl and she’s the apple of your eye/you’ll never see her cry/if somebody breaks her heart/ the way you did mine”, cries Yahzarah, eating up whatever is left of the gym assembly jamming Nicolay and friends are doing in the background. Not to say that we don’t appreciate it when YahZarah slaps on the Betty Wright-heels and turns herself into the deviant, fishnet-Nefertiti of R&B aka Purple St. James, but hearing the words ‘Daddy go faster” gets more of a rise out of us, right?