Cantwell Gomez & Jordan play Nightlight in Chapel Hill
Friday, March 6, at 9 p.m.
Whatever Brains, Pipe and Whorecough open.
Tickets are $7.

After 15 years together, the trio Cantwell Gomez & Jordan play less often than they once did, and their recordings have slowed to a trickle. But if the Triangle’s preeminent skronk-rock comboand one of the state’s most reliably ferocious bandshas slowed down in any other respect, it’s impossible to tell by listening. Their latest effort, Half-Finished Bobcat, hits as hard, fast and, somehow, joyfully as anything they’ve ever made.

Formed in 1999 by drummer Dave Cantwell, bassist Anne Gomez and guitarist David Jordan, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan made three succinct records and a pair of splits before Half-Finished Bobcat. Those releases paired remarkable instrumental dexterity and an irreverent attitude, allowing the trio to move between math-rock intricacies and free-jazz spasms, post-hardcore outbursts and no-wave riots. Each instrument vying for the lead, their arrangements led to dizzying deconstructions and synchronized grooves. While Half-Finished Bobcat isn’t as abrupt as its predecessors, the record maintains the band’s trademark exploratory playfulness.