We’re coming up fast on election season, and North Carolina is one of several states with a lot on the line. The entire (currently Republican-controlled) state legislature—50 seats in the Senate and 120 in the House of Representatives—is up for re-election (plus thirteen seats for the U.S. House of Representatives), and there are also several highly controversial amendments proposed to the state constitution.

Today, the music platform Bandcamp is donating its portion of proceeds from sales to the Voting Rights Project, which helps preserve fair voting policies across the country. Below is a running lists of local bands who are also donating their cut of sales. The donation drive ends at midnight, Pacific time.

In the meantime, it’s also a good idea to check your registration status here and your polling place here. Election day is Tuesday, November 6, and if you’re not already registered to vote, you must do so by October 12 here (if you miss that deadline, you can still do same-day registration during early voting, which begins October 17, but not on election day itself).


Phil Cook


Drag Sounds

Erie Choir

The Flute Flies

James Gilmore


Charles Latham

Merge Records (donating 50% of proceeds from all titles, not just locals)

North Elementary

Open Field


The Pinkerton Raid


Porch Light


Ricky Dollars (Reagan National)

Al Riggs


Solar Halos

Sun Studies