The term “indie rock” has become devalued in the age of ever-more-twee car commercials and other millennial marketing efforts. Still, Hopscotch’s lineup includes several outfits making good on the idea.

PILE: Known throughout Boston’s basement-show scene as the favorite act of most every musician, Pile veers through moods with guitars blazing on the potent You’re Better Than This. Live, they don’t put on a show as much as they engage in an assault; even in their slower moments, like the dirge “Hot Breath,” their spindly guitars and earth-shattering drums overpower. (FRIDAY, 12:30 A.M., TIR NA NOG)

SILENT LUNCH: This Durham duo’s aggressive, frantic take on rock is all jitters and anxieties, expressed at top volume. During “One Thing,” Emily O’Sullivan repeats, with increasing fervor, “Look at me, look me in the eyes.” Guitars rattle and scrape around her. (THURSDAY, 10:30 P.M., SLIM’S)

NOTS: “Virgin Mary,” the latest single from Memphis foursome Nots, starts off like a riff on ESG’s space-funk “UFO,” where hyper-speed bass anchors out-of-this-world guitars. Once the petulant vocals come in, things only get more frantic. (FRIDAY, 10:30 P.M., CAM)

LAS ROSAS: Brooklyn foursome Las Rosas sound like a lost curio from Lenny Kaye’s vaults. They power through garage rock that’s heavy on the fuzz and shot through with proto-power pop signifiers. (SATURDAY, 11 P.M., DEEP SOUTH)

MITSKI: The gorgeous songs of this New York singer-songwriter pair disarmingly diary-like lyrics with churning guitars. Mitski represents new-millennium emotional chaos in a way that doesn’t necessarily make sense of it, but the catharsis is undeniable. (FRIDAY, 11:30 P.M., TIR NA NOG) Maura Johnston