One of the best parts of Hopscotch is the ability to jump from club to club, seeing bits of many sets. But opportunity requires making painful sacrifices. To optimize your Hopscotch experience, consider passing on these five altogether.

BULLY: Tennessee guitar heroine Bully issued an excellent first album on Columbia earlier this year, and her explosive rock songs wouldn’t be out of place in City Plaza. That said, she’s playing at Slim’s, meaning if you aren’t one of the first several dozen in, you’ll be out of luck in watching her shine. Go see Battles. You’ll get the same manic energy while being able to see. (THURSDAY, 12:30 A.M., SLIM’S)

CLANG QUARTET: Clang Quartet is both overrated and underrated. Longtime Triangle freaks know Scotty Irving as the man whose heartfelt Christian noise has rattled many a local stage. While this is a prime opportunity to see his inspirational set, the incredibly fun rapper Le1f is at Kings two blocks away. That’s right, Le1f over Jesus. (FRIDAY, 12 A.M., THE HIVE)

PUSHA T: Last year, citing safety concerns, N.C. State canceled a concert with Migos and Pusha T. This is Pusha’s first appearance in the Triangle since, and it should mostly fill the Lincoln. But Pusha regularly visits the state, so why not try Roky Erickson at CAM? It may be a disaster, but it seems unlikely to happen again. (FRIDAY, 12:30 A.M., LINCOLN THEATRE)

PORCHES: Listeners usually lump Porches with a new, younger vanguard of New York-area bands, including Frankie Cosmos, Told Slant and Eskimeaux. This particular band switches between genres, but tongue-in-cheek guitar pop and atmospheric dance fare is their bread and butter. They are good, but they have played the Triangle within the last year and absolutely will do so again, likely with scene contemporaries in tow. How about Owen Pallett in Fletcher or the wild Zs in The Hive. (SATURDAY, 12 A.M., DEEP SOUTH)

FLOCK OF DIMES: This side project of Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner deals in gorgeously crafted pop. But as one of the last shows of Hopscotch 2015 and with Wasner being a local favorite, Neptunes’ 100-person capacity might keep you out. Consider the slow-burn metal of Godflesh at Lincoln or the athletically energetic rap of Goldlink at CAM. (SATURDAY, 12:30 A.M., NEPTUNES)