Today, Moog Music issued a statement saying that Moogfest 2020, which had been scheduled for its fifth year in downtown Durham April 16-19, is cancelled for “logistical reasons.” 

“As an organization, our purpose is to create deeply meaningful experiences and relationships in order to continually enrich our creative community,” said the statement. “This intermission will be used to focus on the future of Moogfest and to investigate new ways of exploring the future of music, art, and technology.”

Founded in Asheville in 2004, the electronic-music festival has a history of ambitious bookings, financial turbulence, and, in Durham, high staff turnover. We enjoyed it while it lasted and wondered if each year was its last. While the statement implies that this is a hiatus, not an ending, there’s no indication of whether Moogfest’s future lies in the Bull City.

This is a developing story.