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Five Essential Power Pop Records and Songs

(Note that all contributors said something to the effect that their choices were subject to change within five seconds after submittal. All lists are in no particular order. And Seth Gordon is ready and willing to debate anyone who thinks “Like a Rolling Stone” isn’t a pop song.)

Robbie Rist:


Jellyfish–Spilt Milk

The Posies–Dear 23

The Raspberries–Starting Over

The Knack–Get The Knack

The Mockers–Living In The Holland Tunnel


“I Wanna Be With You”–The Raspberries

“I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”–Rubinoos

“Ginna Ling”–Cockeyed Ghost

“Living In a New World”–Lane Steinberg (on Pop Under The Surface-Volume2)

“Retro Girl”–The Andersons

Mike Nicholson:

Big Star–Radio City

The Raspberries–Side 3


The Shazam–Godspeed the Shazam

Fountains of Wayne–Fountains of Wayne

“Starry Eyes”–The Records

“Condition Red”–The Sneakers

“Be Someone Tonight”–Velvet Crush

“Eloquent Spokesman”–The Spongetones

“Go”–The Apples in Stereo

Seth Gordon:

The Zombies–Odyssey & Oracle

Elvis Costello–Armed Forces

The Beatles–Revolver

The Kinks–The Village Green Preservation Society

The Who–The Who Sell Out

“Vanishing Girl”–The Dukes of Stratosphear (XTC)

“Like a Rolling Stone”–Bob Dylan

“I Can’t Reach You”–The Who

“Baby Blue”–Badfinger

“Is That Love”–Squeeze

Rick Cornell:

(C’mon, there was no way I was going to deny myself the exquisite torture of this exercise)

Velvet Crush–Teenage Symphonies to God

Tommy Keene–Songs From the Film

The Figgs–Low-Fi at Society High

Matthew Sweet–Girlfriend

Nick Lowe–Jesus of Cool (aka Pure Pop for Now People)

“Starry Eyes”–The Records

“There She Goes”–The La’s

“Surrender”–Cheap Trick

“Ridin’ in My Car”–NRBQ

“(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding”–Elvis Costello written by Nick Lowe)