Object Hours: Piece Goods


[Rosewater Recordings; Dec. 11]

This local supergroup features guitarist Nora Rogers (of Solar Halos), guitarist Jenny Waters (of Work Clothes), and drummer Harrison Haynes (of Hellbender and Les Savy Fav). On their debut, Piece Goods, the low-end evacuation makes their measured, majestic instrumental rock feel at once heavy and ethereal, as if chiseled on the faces of storm clouds. 

Much closer in spirit to the meteorological metal of Solar Halos than to the indie-pop moonbeams of Work Clothes or the post-punk tantrums of Les Savy Fav, Piece Goods is a hazy monolith of guitar fog and squall, neatly squared off at the corners by the meticulous Haynes.

“Turning Point” is a huge, greased bolt of implacable rock energy, while “Fear-Based Excellence’’ gets some of the old Les Savy Fav disco jitters into the mix. The delay-pedal theatrics on the bright, growling “Street Scene’’ are the exception to the rule: This is not an effects-driven record; the band maintains a tight focus on the serpentine coil and churn of considered guitar grooves. 

Recorded by Kris Hilbert at the Fidelitorium, Piece Goods came out on December 11, in both digital and limited-edition vinyl formats. The tracks range between seven and 10 minutes apiece, sweeping vertiginous shadows over rugged landscapes with a hypnotic consistency that only occasionally flags into monotony.

Creating tension without a bassist is a high-wire act without a high wire, and Object Hours spends most of this epic EP adeptly hovering in midair. 

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