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Chapel Hill’s SNMNMNM embarked on the two-month-long “Revenge of the Nerd” tour with nerdcore rapper MC Chris before releasing its fifth album, Crawl Inside Your Head. MC Chris drops rhymes about things like Boba Fett, the uber-cool bad guy from a galaxy far, far away. In other words, he roams geek turf. It was a natural for the SNMs, who return to similar ephemera here: Lead singer Seamus Kenney reels about the Dewey Decimal System, insecurity and, for the title track, alien infestation. His voice recalls that of Built to Spill’s Doug Martsch in that it’s a constant near-whine, but rather than the heavy instrumental lifting of BTS, Kenney is backed by SNMs’ excitable, if familiar, pop. Horns enter the fray, the band occasionally taking on the spirit of a ska outfit without the punky reggae skanking. SNMNMNM’s quirk-and-chorus has long had a wide appeal. This record won’t change that.

SNMNMNM plays Reservoir Thursday, Oct. 25, at 10 p.m. for free. Juan Prophet Organization opens.