Courtesy of his travels in the land of the cult figure, Raleigh’s Jeff Jarema has become a bit of a cult figure himself. As the genius chronicler behind the late garage-rock-and-more zine Here ‘Tis, he shared tales of the Sonics and Sam the Sham with the world, or at least a little fanatical corner of it. He remains a go-to guy for Sundazed, the heroic reissue label out of Coxsackie, N.Y., writing liner notes about the psychedelic and the soulful alike.

These days, your best bet for taking in a big gulp of Jarema’s knowledge is to catch him on the airwaves during one of his semi-annual appearances on WXYC. Among Jarema’s past radio specials are “Red Hot ‘n’ Humid” (three hours that careened from Southern rock and soul to rockabilly and Dixie pop) and the self-explanatory “Specially Priced 3 Hour Set: The ’70s Live Album Experience.” Foghat fans rejoiced.

Thursday, July 24, from 9 p.m. to midnight, Jarema will again claim ownership of the XYC studio for “’70s Prog-Rock Artifacts from the WXYC Library.”

“You can pretty much fill in the blanks with the usual suspects,” says Jarema when asked about the upcoming show. “No revisionism here! No Kraut rock. If it didn’t go gold, it might fall under my radar. It’ll be like the aural equivalent of a mid-’70s Circus magazine.” He also promises a full hour of music from the Soft Machine. “This show has aspirations of being ‘progressive,’ but hopefully that doesn’t mean dull,” Jarema explains. “So [Robert] Wyatt era only.” It takes a cult figure to know one, after all.