There’s a kind of alchemy that happens in a terrific electronic pop song, where all the elements—the vocal, the beat, the music, the production—jell into something greater than any one person’s contribution. This can turn lead into gold, but when the elements are already good, it can also turn gold into gems. That’s what happens on “Can’t Get Enough,” the glittering new single by the Durham R&B artist Elijah Rosario.

Though Rosario has been releasing music for just a couple of years, he’s already been nominated in the 2022 Carolina Music Awards, riding on the preternaturally confident aesthetic of songs like this. Here, he worked closely with producers Xotic and BEATSBYMARC—this behind-the-scenes video captures the giddy rush of a hot collaboration in just one minute—and they have crafted a slick yet sticky slice of bedroom-stadium party music that should appeal equally to fans of Ty Dolla $ign and Daft Punk.

As Rosario described it to the INDY, making “Can’t Get Enough” was a process of building up and then stripping down, and it shows in the sure placement of every detail and ad-lib. The watery skip of the synth melody, though powerfully channeled by a bedrock bass, is also splashed by live-feeling drums; Rosario’s buoyant, appealing vocal, though it’s the centerpiece, also flashes around the track in reverbed accents and distorted risers. The “woo!” at 0:44 sets it off, but from start to finish, this thing goes.

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