It’s 11:58. Do you know where your vintage psych-rock is?

Don’t worry, it’s safe with Flash Car on its groovy, tuneful new song “Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight.” Morgan Friedman’s Carrboro-based band was preparing its follow-up album to Wardrobe when the COVID-19 crisis hit, and they decided to release two new songs from it on Bandcamp this Sunday, April 17.

You’ll have to wait until then to hear “Inchworm,” but we’ve got “Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight” today. With its low, chesty vocals and organ-crisped garage boogie, it suggests an alternate timeline where Peter Murphy from Bauhaus fronted The 13th Floor Elevators. The song has a soupçon of wigged-out baskmasking and ray-gun sounds, but it’s poppy and aerodynamic. What better time to escape back to the 1960s than while the 2020s are so ass? 

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