Rhetorical flourishes in press releases are usually my mortal enemies, but “stadium rock for introverts” is such a perfect way to describe the versatile Chapel Hill psych-rock trio Minor Stars, which will release its long-delayed (nine years!) second album, Through Pinholes in the Sky, on October 25. Respect. Singer-guitarist Eric Wallen, bassist Joe Mazzitelli, and drummer Iain Watt sound like T. Rex reared on Radiohead or Led Zeppelin dressed down in nineties indie thrift, among other combinations of feathered hair, shy looks, and tough licks.

On “So Many Years Ago,” the single from Pinholes we’re premiering today, we get an elegantly furred lead, a swooping bass line, and a mighty rise in the cymbals before the riff drops like a cliff face, yet famed producer Mitch Easter keeps the sound smooth and restrained, drawing out the melody with contoured tone. You can read Bryan C. Reed’s INDY review of the album tomorrow, see Minor Stars at their Local 506 release party on October 26, and stream “So Many Years Ago” below. Hard rockers: Strap on your leather pants for the outro.


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