The Chapel Hill duo TRIPLE X SNAXXX calls its style “Moroderik Musik,” a portmanteau of Moroder and motorik. If you’re not an electronic-music nerd, this probably isn’t the most illuminating explanation. If you are one, you can already hear it in your head.

Moroder: not as in where Sauron dwells, but as in Giorgio, the Italian electronic-music pioneer who has ascended to human-genre status.

Motorik: not as in an old flip-phone, but as in the driving 4/4 beat that 1970s German electronic bands like Kraftwerk shared with (though deployed to more atmospheric ends than) their disco contemporaries.

With one foot in Italo disco and one in krautrock, Alex Maiolo and Patrick O’Neill (who also play together in psych-rock band Lacy Jags) are definitely leaning on the dancing foot in “D G G G R,” the epic jam we’re premiering today. An electronic snare starts counting to infinity as a one-note bass whirlpool forms in an oceanic synthesizer, and the building pressure incites ten smooth, propulsive, yet endlessly varied minutes of subtle temperature changes and rococo keyboard flights. Strap in and take off at Spotify or YouTube:

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