Kerwin Pittman, 32

Community activist, director of Recidivism Reduction Educational Program Services

What makes Raleigh home?

I grew up here. Raleigh is home because my family is from here. I know that the different situations that plague Raleigh—be they housing, job opportunities, police brutality, a wide range of different things, from the old to the young—I know they will affect my family members. Our roots are in Raleigh.

What’s your biggest hope for 2020?

To see better transparency from the Raleigh Police Department when dealing with the community and to see more transparency across the nation when dealing with different government entities, especially the White House. I want the people to be spoken for more, because now it just seems like the establishment has the voice and the people are being trampled upon.

What’s your favorite place in Raleigh?

The Martin Luther King Jr. statue is one of my favorite places to go to and meditate. I go there sometimes and sit in my car, sometimes I go out by the statue. Meditating for me looks like me putting my different ideas, my different goals, my views into perspective. Taking the frustration that I might have felt that day, that week, that month, and dealing with different things I have going on and seeing how I can put in it a positive and productive perspective. It looks like clearing my mind, taking some time out for myself. Being a community activist, it’s easy to get out of focus and get off track because you get so invested in the different issues, you lose focus. These issues can consume you, but you can’t let them consume you. 

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