For most of us, 2017 was a full-on dumpster fire of a year, long and exhausting and infuriating and chaotic and oftentimes simply depressing. So as we embark upon another revolution around the sun, we here at the INDY wanted to lay out something of a wish list for 2018, eighteen things we’d like to see happen in our community and the world. Want to add your own personal resolution? Email us:

1. The impeachment and/or prosecution and/or utter humiliation of Donald Trump and all of his cronies.

2. General Assembly Republicans to lose their supermajorities.

3. North Carolina to privatize liquor sales and relax its restrictions on craft brewers (i.e., treat its citizens like grown-ups).

4. More late-night food options across the Triangle.

5. A conversationat the very leastabout medical and/or recreational marijuana. 6. North Carolina to repeal its law blocking judges from waiving fines and court costs for poor people.

7. The legislature to actually fund its class-size mandate.

8. The Wake County Commission to fully fund the board of

education’s budget request.

9. Raleigh to figure out what the hell it’s doing with Airbnb.

10. Raleigh to figure out that backyard cottages aren’t really a big deal.

11. Durham to embrace tiny homes as part of its solution to affordable housing.

12. Durham to use the Bull City Connector to help lower-income east Durham communities.

13. Someone to tear down Silent Sam.

14. No more music festivals in September.

15. More stability for local theater and dance venues and a more diverse pool of arts-grant recipients.

16. More art-house cinemas and outlets or local and independent filmmakers.

17. Rapsody to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

18. A UNC-Duke Final Four game.