In the ’60s–in your teenage angst–when you knew that the establishment, your parents and everybody else older than you was out to get you, you just went out to the garage, turned your amp up to 11 and screamed your little adolescent lungs out. That spirit still lives on today in Raleigh’s The Loners. Guitarist and vocalist Eddie Taylor and drummer/backup singer Chris Jones keep the raw punk/garage tradition alive with their stripped down original rock in the spirit of legendary garagemen like the Sonics, The Kinks and the MC5.

You might remember Taylor from his days with Raleigh bands Vanilla Trainwreck, Picasso Trigger and Cherry Valance, and from the rural rock of Big Joe. Jones was the soundman at Kings when Taylor recruited him to kick out the jams behind him. Despite the fact there’s only the two of them, the band’s sound is too big to be confined to the garage. The attitude is punk, but the duo will surprise you with some old school R&B from time to time, just to make sure you’re paying attention. 831-1005.